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Audi A3¬†certainly very proud of the accomplishments that earned this year, after earning the most prestigious title as the world’s best car at the New York Auto Show last month. In total, Audi has won the title seven times. Audi A3 managed to beat around 24 million vehicles worldwide, two of the closest competitor is the BMW Series 4 and Mazda3.

Board of Juries says 2014 World Car Awards, the Audi A3 so far offers several engine options and four different body, coupled with the appearance of classic design with a better level of interior, Audi thus be the best choice in the segment of small Luxury.

Audi A3 2014

With the Audi received the award in this case would certainly add to the enthusiasm and hard work to always show the best work in the future, and prove that the Audi A3 deserved title as the world’s best car of 2014.

5 Photos of the Audi A3 2014 World’s Best Car | Cars Updates

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